abortion clinics

Come out to the abortion clinics. Pray, talk with the abortion-bound moms and dads, offer the mothers a pair of baby booties or a gift basket, or hold a sign of your choice. Go to the place of imminent danger to the babies and rescue lives!

There is also great opportunity and need for follow-up with these mothers. Help them become good parents, help meet their physical needs, and share the life-saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ.┬áHere’s a list of abortuaries in the Milwaukee area:

  • Affiliated Medical Services – 1428 North Farwell Avenue
    This clinic boasts of doing second-trimester abortions up to 22 weeks for any reason.
  • Planned Parenthood – 302 North Jackson Street

Training and materials are available through Missionaries to the Preborn, reachable at (414) 462-3399.