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Every day women in Milwaukee find themselves with unwanted pregnancies. Many are afraid. Many are pressured into having an abortion. Under such difficult circumstances, we try to direct these women into the hands of caring people who can help them avoid making decisions they’ll regret later. The help centers listed below provide the holistic care sorely needed by these mothers; from food, clothing, and a safe living situation, to diapers, cribs, and baby clothes, to counseling and education on child birth, parenting, relationships, and finances.

Many women live with the scars and of past abortions. The counselors provided by these centers are able to help such women find the healing and forgiveness they need.

Alpha Women’s Center

  • North Side
    4820 West Lisbon Avenue
    (414) 445-2273

Women’s Care Center (

  • East Side
    1441 North Farwell Avenue
    (414) 223-2610
  • South Side
    1225 West Historic Mitchell Street
    (414) 645-4050