Take Action

Now that you’ve seen the gruesome reality of abortion, we hope that you’ll join us in seeking an end to abortion in our city and in our nation. Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Pray: Share in God’s heartbrokenness over the killing of His precious children.
    Gather with others in fasting and prayers of repentance for allowing abortion to continue for 40 years. Now, therefore,” says the LORD, “Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning” (Joel 2:12). Pray also for mothers and fathers to turn away from abortion and turn to Christ for their provision. Pray for churches to have the fortitude and compassion to confront this issue head-on, as love would demand. Pray for our political leaders to exercise justice, courage, and integrity in office as they labor to protect life. Pray for babies to be spared this brutal death in our city.
  2. Get equipped to communicate the abolitionist message.
    We provide lots of training, from church seminars to on-the-street, hands-on learning. Invite us to your church or youth group or let us equip you to bring that knowledge to your church personally. Contact us to find out more.
  3. Come out to the abortion clinics.
    Click here for a list of abortion clinics in the Milwaukee area.
    Pray, talk with the abortion-bound moms and dads, offer the mothers a pair of baby booties or a gift basket, or hold a sign of your choice. Go to the place of imminent danger to the babies and rescue lives!
  4. Volunteer at, or give financial help to, a local pregnancy help center.
    Click here for a list of pregnancy help centers in the Milwaukee area.
  5. Help with an ultrasound ministry.
    Eyewitness for Life or Alive ‘n’ Kickin’
  6. Research political candidates and vote for those who vote pro-life.
    Consider Constitution Party candidates or a write-in vote.
  7. Distribute literature at high schools and middle schools.
    Contact us to get involved in this way. You can give out literature and inexpensive fetal models to people you meet.
  8. Seek opportunities to teach a pro-life class at your church or Sunday School (child, youth, or adult) or at Christian or public schools.
    PastorsProLife.org has age-appropriate material for preschool through adult classes.
  9. Get your church involved.
    Form a pro-life steering committee (sometimes called a Salt and Light Ministry or Respect Life Group). This type of group works with the pastor to educate the congregation about the dire consequences of abortion and urges, equips, and mobilizes people to act against abortion. Even a 501c3 tax-exempt church can take action. A 501c3 church can’t promote a political candidate but can do the following:

    • Register people to vote (in a non-partisan manner).
    • Keep the congregation informed on legislation and initiatives.
    • Encourage pro-life/pro-family church members to run for local offices such as school board, city council, or state or national offices.
    • Be a voice for life in your local city council and school board, at the county level through the supervisors, and at state and national levels through locally elected legislators.
  10. Attend city and county council meetings and school board meetings to watch for any decisions that would advance abortion or hinder pro-life activities.
  11. Post-abortion help
    If you or someone you know is struggling with guilt, depression, eating disorders, addictions, or relationship problems stemming from having committed or been involved in an abortion, counseling is available through the local pregnancy help centers.
  12. Work to de-fund and expose Planned Parenthood, the nations’s (and the world’s) largest abortion provider.
    Planned Parenthood not only kills unborn babies, but also targets minority neighborhoods for their abortion clinics and promotes teenage sexual activity and all manner of perversions. They receive millions of our tax dollars. See LiveAction.org or STOPP.org for more information.